It is not down on any map; true places never are. – Herman Melville

My work investigates ideas of home and our attempt to find our place in transient and surreal natural environments. These mixed media pieces are highly detailed and manipulate scale along with pattern to create complex narratives. Referencing folk tales, mythologies, and travel literature, my work blurs personal memories with fictitious histories of uncharted locations. Our inexhaustible and futile search for a better place – a personal utopia – leads us to fetishize location, both known and unknown. As our ideal is unattainable, we obsess over controlling the areas that we temporarily inhabit. Each piece tells the story of an evolving microcosm of structures and environments – landscapes that appear inhabitable while resonating a muted hostility. Open architectural forms protect or expose the characters to the outside world; domestic interiors collide with chaotic exteriors to allow characters to experience the comfort and stability of home alongside the romantic impressions of travel. This dichotomy represents the mixed desires of most contemporaries – a longing for constancy with the option of escape.
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